Poker’s Lovers get this.
VIDEOPOKER on web !!
A great opportunity for beginners and pros alike, this fantastic app see you challenge the machine and refine your poker skills.
Video Poker Machine is a fever ! From the beginning of videogame history the five cards on the green table made you dream. This is a never ending game where milions of player are always on the beat.
Dubai Poker Machine is a great free game where you can challenge the machine as well the other players live results.
Chose one of the three poker tables in the options page , hold/discard method, and sounds.
At every point scored the “DOUBLE UP” can make you increase your winning hand up to five times.
The “Dubai Poker Live Scores” will show the best of world results at the moments you are playing.
A report of your daily results give you a control of your state.
With this app you won’t spend or loose real money but you can enjoy the luck at the winning without crying when cards are too bad.
PUBLISH AT: 600×400 for a better view.

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